Are you Pleo’s next Future Leader? We’re hiring!

Pleo’s Sales team is hiring our next generation of leaders.
Pleo's sales career path helps you to master doing business across industries and moving into managerial positions as you succeed. If that's what you're looking for in your next career step, apply and join us on this journey.
We're hiring for our Danish, Swedish, UK, Irish, German,
and Spanish sales teams !
Join us on our tour around Europe to find top talent to join our team in 2020.
Are we coming to your city? See the dates below and apply to your city's hiring day!
Application date closes:
20 March 2020
Hiring takes place on:
26 March 2020
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Application date starts/closes:
16 February / 16 March 2020
Hiring takes place on:
23 March 2020
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Application date closes:
13 February 2020
Hiring takes place on:
17 February 2020
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Application date closes:
17 February 2020
Hiring takes place on:
20 - 21 February 2020
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Hiring takes place on:

What is Pleo?

Spend company money
with a pre-paid Pleo card

Pleo is a hyper-growth fintech company that solves the problem of company spending. We believe that if you trust someone enough to hire them, you should trust them enough to spend company money responsibly.

Our product has done really well in the UK and Denmark, and we've recently opened Sweden and Germany. We just raised a Series B round of €50M (one of the largest in the Nordics ever), and we'll be using this to scale up the business and open new markets.

For this, we're going to be investing in high potential talent to take us from where we are today to a market-leader.

We will be expanding to new markets this year too, with a big focus on increasing revenue and hiring great people.

That's where you come in. We need strong leaders: and we believe that the best way to get them is to focus heavily on personal development of top talent.

Sales Leadership Programme

In the Pleo app, there is full transparency on spend. this enables trust of employees, while keeping control of finances at the same time.

Become a sales leader

This programme is not for the faint-hearted. We bring high potential talent into a hyper-growth fintech company, and help people to grow by working as a part of our Sales team.

...I don't I want to work in sales though?

Most of us felt that too, but then we learned what a career in sales actually can be and – or, should be. At Pleo, sales is learning about how businesses are run: it's about learning and developing business acumen, it's nurturing executive presence, it's perfecting your negotiation skills, and then learning how to teach this knowledge to your teams. These are all life skills that we know you will value for the rest of your career and life.

We also aren't the type of company that encourage "do whatever it takes to seal a deal". This is not The Wolf of wall street (but we wouldn't mind if Leo decided to pop in now and then).

I want to lead a team one day

We want that too. We will give you the toolkit to learn, grow, and demonstrate how you succeed in an Account Executive role. In a matter of months, our current Account Executives have progressed into more senior roles, and soon get the chance to transfer their knowledge onto new teammates.

Once you know how to succeed in this part of the business, you will be given the chance to build your own team. Your focus will be on how to help your colleagues to succeed, as well as owning the revenue contribution you will make to your market's success.

We don't accept sharp elbows and we don't want a boiler room. However, we do encourage having a winner mentality – success to us means always holding ourselves accountable to our own high standards, setting goals and achieve them and to always strive to win together.

We consider ourselves trusted advisors to finance teams, C-levels, and founders to inform and educate them of how we can help them change the way they work in their companies.

We hire you, not your experience

Our Future Leaders are hired because of the potential they represent, not the experience they bring. We spend our efforts bringing in people who can handle a steep learning curve, thrive in a fast-paced environment, and can step into leadership roles faster than others could expect.

Career track

Here's an outline of some of the things to expect from our sales track. But there's much more.
After tenure as a Team Lead / Sales Manager, you will have the opportunity to move into a Country Manager
position and be fully responsible for one of our markets.
Learn more about the career progression at one of our Events !
Apply and get more insights.

1. Account Executive

Prospect businesses, hold meetings, establish your own
ways of working

2. Senior Account Executive

Hold meetings, receive booked meetings from leads,
start to replicate success

3. Strategic Account Executive

Hold meetings, receive booked meetings from leads,
replicated success, hire and coach new starters

4. Team Lead

Hire and coach new starts, responsible for team targets,
develop people into new positions